Good practice policy and procedures

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GP5 cover RGBGood Practice 5

Policy and good practice guidance in safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk.
Now available as a download here


Some of GP5 appendices are still in development. They will be added to the website in due course.

Appendix A – Model safeguarding policy for local churches PDF version | Word version
Appendix A1 – Safeguarding policy statement PDF version | Word version
Appendix A2 – The role of a Safeguarding Co-ordinator PDF version | Word version
Appendix A3 – Code of conduct for working with children or young people PDF version | Word version
Appendix A4 – Code of conduct for working with adults
Appendix A5 – Safeguarding incident recording form PDF version | Word version
Appendix A6 – Signs and symptoms of abuse PDF version | Word version
Appendix A7 – Guidance on safeguarding for Local Ecumenical Partnerships
Appendix B – Model church safeguarding poster PDF version | Word version
Appendix B1 – Accessible CY and Adult safeguarding coordinators poster PDF version (to be used in conjunction with Appendix B)
Appendix B2 – Accessible Joint safeguarding coordinator poster PDF version (to be used in conjunction with Appendix B)
Appendix C – Model church online safety policy PDF version | Word version
Appendix D – Model church policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders
Appendix E – A guide to working with people with disabilities PDF version | Word version
Appendix F – Model information and consent form PDF version | Word version
Appendix G – Model request to administer medication form PDF version | Word version
Appendix H1 – Annual safeguarding returns form
Appendix H2 – Synod annual safeguarding report PDF version | Word version
Appendix I – A guide to risk assessment PDF version | Word version
Appendix J – Model risk assessment form PDF version | Word version
Appendix K – Guidance on safer recruitment and criminal record checks
Appendix L1 – Sample paid worker application form
Appendix L2 – Sample volunteer application form
Appendix M – Sample reference request form
Appendix N – Sample self-declaration form
Appendix O – Sample Synod Safeguarding Officer job description PDF version | Word version
Appendix P – Sample Synod Safeguarding Officer person specification PDF version | Word version
Appendix Q – A guide for staff facing allegations
Appendix R – A guide to domestic abuse PDF version | Word version 
Appendix S – A guide to supporting adult survivors of abuse
Appendix T – A guide to confidentiality and data protection
Appendix U – Useful contacts for all forms of abuse of children and adults PDF version | Word version
Appendix V – Safeguarding and digital communications PDF version | Word version
Appendix W – Information on social media can be found here
Appendix X – Responding to allegations of bullying and harassment PDF version | Word version
Appendix Y – URC whistleblowing policy
Appendix Z – A guide to managing risk and offenders



Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk (GP4)

Below is a sample local church safeguarding policy for children and adults at risk, which can be used as a starting point to help your church put your own policy in place.



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