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Information, advice and guidance to help you take a more active role in your church, manage your church activities, and get involved in your local and global community

They've asked me to be a church secretary

Management & admin roles

From becoming a church secretary to joining the welcome team, find out  about the roles that are essential to the day-to-day running of your local church

General Assembly roles

From becoming a member of General Assembly to a committee convenor, find out what roles are available and what each one entails

Youth work volunteer

Working with children & young people

From becoming a youth worker to children’s work volunteer, find out how you can support young people in the URC

Become a Worship Leader or Lay Preacher

Guidance for those exploring a call to become either a Locally Recognised Worship Leader or an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher

Church support guides

Livestreaming your church service

Getting your church online

Read or download guidance and advice that will help you get your church online

Crisis communications plan for local churches

Church crisis communications plan

Get advice and guidance on crisis communications for churches

Welcoming people with disabilities

Advice and guidance on welcoming people with disabilities into your church

Taking great photos in church

Taking great photos in church

Read top tips and advice on how to take great photos of your church and church activities


Church finance

Accounting, taxation and central grants information for church and synod treasurers


Archives & record keeping

Guidance and advice on how churches and synods should care for their paper and electronic records


Employment guidance

Employment guidance for local churches and synods


GDPR guidance

Guidance to help churches and synods comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

URC Church Update

URC Church Update enables you to make changes to the information we hold on your church and complete the Annual Church Returns and Safeguarding Returns process at the beginning of each year.


Lundie Memorial Award

Celebrate the good work children and young people do for their church and community


Commitment for Life

Commitment for Life is our global justice programme in partnership with Christian Aid and Global Justice Now!



iChurch is a service from the URC that will help you build and manage your church or community group website


Become a Fairtrade church

Find out why Fairtrade is important and find out how your church can become a Fairtrade church

Children and Youth Friendly Church & Synod Scheme

A scheme that can help your church improve the welcome it gives to children, young people and families


Become a greener church

Learn about how your church can become a greener church


Give Thanks For Your Vaccine

Show gratitude for your Covid-19 vaccine by making a donation to Christian Aid


Church Related Community Work

Discover how your church can have a positive impact on the local community


Church Buildings Forum

A website that helps churches to think creatively about the potential and the missional use of buildings


History Society

The URC History Society is open to anyone interested in the history of the denomination

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URC at Greenbelt

Find out what the URC is doing at the Greenbelt Festival (26 – 29 August 2022) and how you can be part of it

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Prayers for Ukraine

Please use these prayers for peace and for the peoples of Ukraine and Russia in your private devotions, prayer groups or sermons

URC 50th Anniversary Logo

Our 50th Anniversary

Find out how we’ll be marking our 50th year and get resources to help you and your church join the celebrations

Prayer and worship resources

Prayer, hymn and worship resources to help you fulfil and explore your faith

Drawing of someone wearing a face mask and apply hand sanitiser

Coronavirus advice

Get our latest advice, updates and resources on the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

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