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More about ministry

Advice, guidance and support for people wanting to find out more about ministry or thinking about taking an ordained or leadership role in the URC

Newbigin Pioneering Hub

The Newbigin Pioneering Hub is an initiative which will offer spare-time training in pioneer ministry for those starting out and a community for pioneers within the URC and beyond

Seedlings growing in pots

Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions of church are new types of church that tend to (though not always) develop outside of church buildings, amid contemporary culture and in ecumenical settings

Ministry of Word and Sacraments

Ministry of Word & Sacraments

Guidance and support those who are exploring a call to ordination as a Minister of Word and Sacraments (‘Minister’) in the URC


Become an Elder

Guidance and advice for those who have been asked to consider a call to eldership by their Minister or an Elder in their congregation

Church Related Community Worker

Church Related Community Worker

Guidance and advice for those who are thinking about becoming a Church Related Community Worker in the URC

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