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Education & Learning

Enabling lifelong learning for all God’s people through resources, opportunities and training

Education for Ministry

Advice, information and guidance for students on the three phases of Education for Ministry

Church Leadership Programme

A comprehensive programme to refresh experienced lay and ordained leaders in authentic leadership, helping church leaders to develop external skills

Discipleship Development

Encouraging an ethos of lifelong learning: growing in faith, following Jesus and finding out more about being a disciple

Resource Centres for Learning

Find out about the URC’s engagement in adult discipleship learning with the Northern College, the Scottish College, and Westminster College

Key contacts, documents and funding opportunities

faq-icon1Discipleship Development Fund

Find out more about the Disciple Development Fund and how to apply for it

faq-icon1Training contacts

Find out who to contact about life-long learning and discipleship at the URC

faq-icon1Accredited Lay Preacher Grant

Find out more about the Accredited Lay Preacher Grant and how to apply for it

faq-icon1Authorisation for support of Education for Ministry Phases 2 & 3

Find out what support is available and download the application form

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Joining the ministries

Advice, guidance and support for people thinking about taking an ordained role in the URC


Supporting people as they put faith into action, learn about God, deepen their faith, and explore their calling

Become a Worship Leader or Lay Preacher

Guidance for those exploring a call to become either a Locally Recognised Worship Leader or an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher

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