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Taking a role in your church

If you’ve been asked to take a role in your local church, this section will help you find out more about all the different types of positions available and decide what’s right for you

Cover of 'They've asked me to be a church secretary'

Management & admin roles

From becoming a church secretary to joining the welcome team, find out  about the roles that are essential to the day-to-day running of your local church

Cover of 'They've asked me to be a member of the General Assembly'

General Assembly roles

From becoming a member of General Assembly to a committee convenor, find out what roles are available and what each one entails

Cover of 'They've asked me to be a youth work volunteer'

Working with children & young people

From becoming a youth worker to children’s work volunteer, find out how you can support young people in the URC

Cover of 'They've asked me to be a Worship Leader; even a Lay Preacher'

Become a Worship Leader or Lay Preacher

Guidance for those exploring a call to become either a Locally Recognised Worship Leader or an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher

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