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Safeguarding good practice

The URC’s Good Practice 6 book contains information to assist you in your day to day safeguarding responsibilities. All churches have been sent a copy.

You can download the whole book of Good Practice 6 (PDF | 3mb) or visit the URC Bookshop to order one or more printed copies.

Good Practice 6 Resources

These provide a range of supplementary materials including:

  • Additional information and guidance on specific topics
  • Codes of conduct
  • Forms
  • Templates and model documents which can be adapted for local contexts
  • Links to external resources and other organisations

Supplementary Information

S1: The role of a Church Safeguarding Coordinator (PDF | 141kb) (Word | 37kb)

S2: URC training matrix (PDF | 164kb) (Word | 38kb)

S3: Roles which require a DBS/Disclosure Scotland check within URC (PDF | 188kb) (Word | 41kb)

S4: Signs of possible dementia / memory loss (PDF | 295kb) (Word | 115kb)

S5: Signs and symptoms of abuse (PDF | 338kb) (Word | 76kb)

Codes of Conduct

C1: Code of conduct for working with children (under 18s) (PDF | 236kb) (Word | 46kb)

C2: Code of conduct for working with adults (over 18s) (PDF | 234kb) (Word | 43kb)


F1: Safeguarding concern form (PDF | 286kb) (Word | 45kb)

F2: Self-declaration form (PDF | 721kb) (Word | 44kb)

F3: Church Safeguarding Coordinator Declaration Form (CSC7) (PDF | 106kb) (Word | 37kb)

F4: Annual church safeguarding returns form

Templates and model documents

These are sample / model documents that can be adapted to fit local circumstances.

Policies and procedures

P1: Template for local church safeguarding policy (PDF | 310kb) (Word | 52kb)

P2: Template safeguarding policy statements for local churches (PDF | 137kb) (Word | 37kb)

P3: Model church online safety policy (PDF | 289kb) (Word | 43kb)

P4: Template for church policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders (PDF | 371kb) (Word | 37kb)

P5: Local church safeguarding checklist (PDF | 172kb) (Word | 35kb)

P6: Handling, use, retention and disposal of DBS certificates policy (PDF | 179kb)

Display materials

D1: Model church safeguarding poster (PDF | 121kb)

D1: Model church safeguarding poster for Wales (PDF | 330kb)

D2: Suggested safeguarding wording for websites (PDF | 415kb) (Word | 42kb)

D3: Feel Safe poster (PDF | 972kb)

Safer recruitment

SR1: Volunteer application form (PDF | 208kb) (Word | 35kb)

SR2: Volunteer reference request form (PDF | 207kb) (Word | 36kb)

SR3: Sample questions on safeguarding for interviews and discussions (PDF | 127kb) (Word | 35kb)

SR4: Role descriptions

Safer activities

SA1: Risk assessment template (with guidance) (PDF | 269kb) (Word | 62kb)

SA2: Information and consent form (PDF | 265kb) (Word | 39kb)

SA3: Request to administer medication form (PDF | 201kb) (Word | 37kb)

SA4: Sample volunteer driver agreement (PDF | 230kb) (Word | 51kb)

SA5: Template for a support plan (PDF | 244kb) (Word | 38kb)

SA6: Safeguarding Clauses for Letting Agreements (PDF | 627kb) (Word | 37kb)

Guidance leaflets

G1: Guidance on safeguarding for Local Ecumenical Partnerships (PDF | 227kb) (Word | 54kb)

G2: A guide to adult safeguarding

G3: A guide to domestic abuse

G4: Guidance on the involvement in church life of people who may pose a risk to others

G5: Guidance on responding to allegations of bullying and harassment (PDF | 352kb) (Word | 59kb)

G6: Guidance for staff facing safeguarding allegations (PDF | 222kb)

Useful links and external resources

L1: Contact details for relevant organisations (PDF | 303kb) (Word | 61kb)

Additional material will be added to these Resources as new topics arise or further guidance is requested.


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