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Lundie Memorial Award

The Lundie Memorial Award celebrates the good work an individual child or young person is doing for their church and community.

If you know a child or young person who is playing their part in the mission of God in their church or Synod, their local community or the wider world,  please nominate them for a Lundie Memorial Award and help shine a light on their achievements.

Each month, a medal and certificate will be awarded to one of the nominated children and young people, along with a financial gift of £100 to be spent to benefit children and/or young people in the church, synod or local community, however the award winner chooses.

Please note: this award is not available for groups.

Nomination areas

Good work can be interpreted in many different ways, so there are no hard and fast categories for this award. Suggested nomination areas are:

  • a young carer
  • a young person running a holiday club
  • a child volunteering at a dementia café
  • a young person fund raising for a Messy Church outing
  • a young person providing live music for services
  • a child raising money for an overseas development project
  • a young person training older people in the use of technology
  • a child who turns up early every week to set out the chairs for a club
  • a young person volunteering as a peer mentor at college
  • anyone under 26 who is playing their part in the mission of God in any way

Making a nomination

Anyone under the age of 26 can be nominated and anybody can make a nomination at any time of the year.

To make a nomination, download and complete a nomination form and send it by post or email to your CYDO or Synod equivalent.

You will also need to get the nominee (and their parents if they are under 18) to sign the form to show they agree to you sending us their details.

It would be great if you can send a good quality original sized photo of the nominee, preferably doing something connected with their nomination. If they win, this photograph may be used on our website or other publicity to celebrate their achievement.

What happens next?

Your CYDO will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your nomination and let you know when it will be considered.

Nominees will be contacted directly to let them know whether they have been selected for the award. All nominees will receive a certificate and a letter of appreciation.

The Children’s and Youth Work team at Church House decide the winner and nominees are informed by their CYDO or Synod equivalent.

CYDOs will then arrange for the award to be presented locally, either in the church or Synod.

The nature of the funding for the Lundie Memorial Award restricts its remit to covering only individuals and siblings. The Children’s and Youth Work Committee, aware of the good work done by many groups of children and young people, has created a certificate which can be awarded by a synod to congratulate these groups. A nomination form may be downloaded from the link below and returned to your synod representative (CYDO+). Please be aware that this is NOT a Lundie award and how the synod chooses to recognise the group receiving this certificate is at their discretion.

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