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Time Travellers

Welcome to the Time Travellers – a free downloadable resource for those running holiday clubs for children aged between 5-11 years of age.

Tying in with our theme for the year, Jubilee, we are travelling through time together to meet some of the children of the Bible and see what they can teach us about following God, listening to God, meeting with God, belonging to God and worshipping God – what can we bring back with us to the present day and our ongoing journey of faith?

 This material is not designed to be prescriptive, although you may use it that way if you wish. Nor is it designed to be exclusive; feel free to swap and change the ideas included here for ones you think more suitable for your groups. It is written as a five-day plan but you may decide to do a one-day extravaganza, a club once a week through the holidays, or maybe just select a couple of the sessions to do on two or three days in the week.

You can adapt this holiday club material in a variety of ways and the appendices at the back of the resource will give you suggestions and ideas of how to do so for various different settings.

Download our resources

The full resource contains: 

Additional resources – activity sheets

Dramas and interviews are available on the URC Children’s and Youth Work YouTube channel on the Timetravellers playlist.

Apply for a small grant

Small grants of £50 or £100 are available to support United Reformed churches in running a holiday club.

Feedback welcome

As always, we would really love some feedback. Do let us know what you found helpful and if there is anything else you wish we had included. Should we do another such resource next year, what would be most helpful to you? And do let us know how you use it – some pictures for our Facebook page would be greatly appreciated. Contact lorraine.webb@urc.org.uk or children.youth@urc.org.uk.

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