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Friends on Faith Adventures

Friends on Faith Adventures is a two-year programme of formatted sessions for groups of children aged 5 to 11. It is Bible based, taking children on an adventure around the books of the Bible, and follows a recognised pattern for each session.

Parents and carers are encouraged to engage with the sessions, staying for the beginning and returning for the end of the session and maybe being provided with a cup of coffee and a chance to chat together in between.

Children are encouraged to continue their exploring, experiencing and expressing of their faith through a walking the way challenge to do during the time between sessions. They are encouraged to take a photograph (FOFA-Cam) of something connected with the session or to use a bear mascot (FOFA bear) to accompany them between sessions and to write in the bear’s journal (could be an ordinary exercise book or notebook) what they did.

The Pilots Prayer reflects the origin of Friends on Faith Adventures, which was from a children’s organisation which has been part of the URC since before the URC was formed! You may want to use these prayers or to use the alternative.

All attempts have been made to make activities as inexpensive and environmentally friendly as possible.

The Adventure Map is a list of all the books in the Bible to enable children to see how the passage they are exploring in that session fits in with other things they may have experienced from the Bible. You may want to make one of these to display on a church noticeboard so that everyone can see and contribute to it with pictures of things they have made.

You may also want to look at Families on Faith Adventures @ Home as this weekly resource is full of ideas for prayers, storytelling, activities and challenges which could support your ministry with children and their families.

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