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Help, support and advice for ministers and church related community workers. Policy documents are being updated. For further information, please email the Ministries office

faq-icon1The Plan for Partnership

The Plan for Partnership provides a unified scheme for the remuneration of stipendiary ministers and church related community workers

faq-icon1Ministers’ pension fund

A guide to the pension fund, fund updates, key documents and our annual newsletter

faq-icon1The candidating process

Guidance and support for those who are part of the candidating process for Ministry

faq-icon1Guidelines on conduct and behaviour for accredited and recognised lay preachers

Information setting down expectations of accredited lay preachers in relation to ministers of Word and Sacraments, church related community workers and elders within the URC


Guidelines on conduct and behaviour for Elders

Guidelines setting down the expectations of Elders in relation to Ministers of Word and Sacrament and Church Related Community Workers within the URC

faq-icon1Guidelines on the safer election of Elders

Read or download our current guidelines on the safer election of Elders

faq-icon1Virtual funerals – liturgies and words for our digital world

A compilation of resources that ministers and worship leaders may find helpful in a wide range of pastoral situations

faq-icon1Ordinations and Inductions of Elders during the Covid-19 restrictions

Read the URC’s guidance on the ordination and induction of Elders during Covid-19 restrictions

faq-icon1Certificates of Eligibility

Find out more about the procedure for granting Certificates of Eligibility in the URC

faq-icon1Certificates of Limited Service

Find out more about the process and procedure for Certificates of Limited Service at the United Reformed Church

faq-icon1Special Category Ministries

Find out more about Special Category Ministries in the United Reformed Church


Find out more about chaplaincy at the URC and how to find out what chaplaincy opportunities are available

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Ministers’ Gathering

The URC Ministers’ Gathering takes place every four years. Download resources and watch videos from the 2022 event

Open book

The Manual

The Manual is the handbook of the URC and covers our Union, local churches, baptism, communion, the General Assembly, ministries and more

URC Worship Book

Material for Holy Communions, Baptisms, Confirmations, weddings, funerals, ordinations, inductions, and public worship

Guidance for churches & synods

Guidance and support on church finance, employment, record keeping and GDPR

Education & Learning

Enabling lifelong learning for all God’s people through resources, opportunities and training


Safeguarding people is a core part of the URC’s mission. Find out what we do to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable members of society

Useful websites

Retired Ministers’ Housing Society

The RMHS looks after retired or former URC ministers or their widowed partners who, due to age, ill health, disability or financial hardship, are in need of housing or housing assistance

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