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The process to become an Assembly Accredited Lay Preacher 

1. The candidate approaches their minister/interim moderator to indicate they are interested in worship leading and/or lay preaching.

2. The candidate contacts the Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner.

3. The Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner sends out:

a) the application form;
b) Minister’s reference form (or IM or Elder);
c) Church Meeting reference form;
d) One other personal reference form;
e) An outline of the process.

4. The Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner receives the application and additional If all in order for AALP:

4.1 The Lay Preaching commissioner sends the forms outlined in 3 for AALP to the Ministries Office for the candidate to be enrolled into the appropriate RCL;
4.2 A DBS is sought through the local church and checked by the Ministries Office;
4.3 The Synod offers a mentor arrange by the Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner/advocate to:

  • a) reflect with them on their course;
  • b) be present when they lead worship (parts of worship) and feed back to them;
  • c) reflect on extracts from journal with student to help them develop as reflective

4.4 The candidate attends the course entitled ‘You’re Welcome – exploring the Ethos and History of the URC’;
4.5 The candidate can apply to E&L for funding for Assembly Accredited Lay Preachers;
4.6 The Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner liaises with RCL about Safeguarding, Funerals and Sacraments training either already provided to the student, or the synod may prefer to offer such training if they already have training planned.
4.7 The candidate selects the modules as outlined in paper H2 Mission Council (March 2021).

5. The candidate embarks on the Assembly Accredited Lay Preaching Course at the nominated RCL.

6. On completion of the course for an AALP:

6.1 The RCL informs the Ministries Office who will send the relevant documentation to the candidate and to the Synod Lay Preaching Commissioner for completion;
6.2 The Ministries office will check that the Disclosure certificate is in order and issue the Accreditation Certificate and badge to the Lay preaching Commissioner and the annual E&L training grant letter to the candidate;
6.3 The Lay Preaching Commissioner organises with the candidates and their minister/local church a Service of Accreditation. The Service of Accreditation can be for a group of Lay Preachers.

Last updated: June 2021

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