URC Minister appointed as World Council of Churches Director

The Revd Dr Peter Cruchley, has been appointed the new Director of the World Council of Churches (WCC’s) Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME).

Based in the United Reformed Church West Midlands Synod, Dr Cruchley is currently the Mission Secretary for the Council for World Mission. He has served in this role since 2016.

Dr Cruchley’s role is one of three new staff leader appointments with the WCC that will begin later this year in November and December.

The Revd Dr Kuzipa Nalwamba will serve as the WCC’s Programme Director for Unity and Mission, and Revd Dr Kenneth Mtata has been appointed the new WCC Programme Director for Public Witness and Diakonia.

Speaking about his new post, Dr Cruchley said: “I am delighted to take up this role with the WCC. Mission is at the heart of the hope and purpose of the ecumenical movement. CWME brings together the fullest range of Christian expression, from Pentecostal to Orthodox, Protestant to Roman Catholic, these traditions are all seeking to honour the call to love and serve the Lord visibly and tangibly.

“These centres of Christian identity and power are called by Christ in our world to re-centre themselves in the light of all we are facing and fearing: climate catastrophe, post-pandemic economic inequality, systemic racist power, war and religious division cry out for Christian communities to come together in relationships that are reshaped, seeking justice that repairs offering repentance that restores and witnesses to the new world Christ promises.

“CWME is a key place to dream and plan how we press forward in this reparative witness and work, led by Christ’s world transforming Spirit.

As the new Director of the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, which is composed of 35 members nominated by the WCC central committee, Dr Cruchley will foster conferences, consultations and visits, correspondence or other forms of contacts, for the sake of mission and unity of all Christians.

The Revd Dr John Bradbury, URC General Secretary, added: “The ecumenical vision that lays behind the formation of the United Reformed Church is still strong within us. It is wonderful, in this year of Jubilee, that one of our ministers has been appointed to the significant role of Director of the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism. It is often said that as a small denomination we punch above our weight ecumenically, and we do. Within the WCC the Revd Dr Susan Durber serves as Moderator of the Faith and Order Commission of the WCC; the Revd Sarah Moore serves on the Central Committee of the WCC, and now Peter joins the staff of the WCC in this vital role.

“I’m sure we all share delight in this and will uphold him in our prayers as he takes on his new responsibilities.”