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Mission and discipleship toolbox

Mission is about sharing God’s vision of justice and love for all people in the world around us, including our local neighbourhood. Discipleship is about recognising and responding to God’s presence in every aspect of our lives and, as church members, helping each other to do that.

Scroll down to find resources which might be useful to you, your family and your church as you explore Mission and Discipleship, as well as find relevant contacts in your synod.

Discipleship resources for you, your family and church

The resources listed below are based on Walking the Way materials.

Here are resources which the Walking the Way steering group recommends:

Here are resources which synods and local churches recommend:

In 2020, members of the URC’s Church-Related Community Work, Church and Society, Children’s and Youth Work and Walking the Way teams, along with Church Action on Poverty, started a conversation called ‘New Reality, Same Mission’ about helping congregations think about mission and community engagement in these challenging times.

As a follow-up to that conversation, here are a few ideas, resources and questions on offer for you and your local church to consider today.

The reality around us may have changed through the Covid-19 pandemic, but God’s call to mission, as we seek to live out God’s values of love and justice, Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today, remains the same.

Download the booklet

This booklet explores the Pastoral Cycle and how this can help your church focus on the needs of your local community. There is a full version (PDF | 6.1mb) and a summary of the pastoral cycle (PDF | 98kb)

Community funding

How can talking with God help us become more like Jesus? Here are some organisations and resources to support you as you pray:

Synod discipleship contacts

This Synod covers Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear.

Email: Jane Rowell

This Synod covers Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, parts of Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Email: Daleen ten Cate (Lancashire) or Lawrence Moore (Central).


This Synod covers Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Crewe, and the Isle of Man.

Email Stuart Radcliffe

This Synod covers the whole of Yorkshire.

Email Ashley Evans or Jon Steel

This Synod covers Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Northants, Milton Keynes and parts of Cambridgeshire and Staffordshire.

Email Derek Graham

This Synod covers Birmingham, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, the Black Country and Shropshire.

Email: Nick Stanyon or Stuart Scott.

This Synod covers Cambridge, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Email Lindsey Brown or Nicola Grieves

This Synod covers Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Email the Synod office

This Synod covers Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands, half of Surrey and small parts of Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire.

Email Mary Thomas or Ray Stanyon

This Synod covers Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Greater London and Hertfordshire.

Email: Eddie Boon

This Synod covers Kent, south London and parts of East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

Email: Andy Twilley or Martin Hayward.

These resources reflect the spirit of Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today, the United Reformed Church’s focus on whole-of-life discipleship. They are recommended by colleagues working collaboratively across various areas, including Children’s and Youth Work, Church Related Community Work, Education and Learning, Church and Society, Global and Intercultural Ministries, Commitment for Life (Global Justice). This resource bank was also inspired by New Reality, Same Mission, a collaborative effort in 2020 involving the groups mentioned above to help local congregations think about mission and community engagement during the challenging times of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. 


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