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Worship page updates 

We are currently in the process of updating our Worship and Spirituality webpages to make it easier for users to find the information and resources they need. Click on the links below for a preview of what will be available to help you and your church engage with worship and spirituality in meaningful and relevant ways in your context.

Links to the vivid spectrum of worship materials available from the United Reformed Church...

Daily Devotions from the United Reformed Church will be sent out by email every day from the First Sunday of Advent.
A team of writers from different places and perspectives in the URC are reflecting on a reading and offering a short prayer each day for us to use in our own journeys of discipleship. In order to sign up please simply go to: http://tinyurl.com/URCDailyDevotions and complete the form. 

You can opt out of the list at anytime using the links at the bottom of the page and you can choose to receive the emails in HTML format (like a webpage) or in plain text using the "update your mailing preferences" link. You can also specify if you would prefer a format better for mobile phones rather than computers.


Easter materials from CWM

Legacies Stations of the Cross 
Resurrection as Life beyond Empire Reflections

Other material

Feasts and Festivals material
Worshipping God
 - free book download
Vision4Life website
Worship for Children and Youth
Leading Worship
Commitment for Life worship page
Vocations Sunday 2018
The Worship Book
ROOTS - worship and learning resource
United Reformed Church Silence and Retreats Group 
United Reformed Church Silence and Retreats Group - external site
URC Music Network
Intercultural Worship
Global Worship

Online Store

Worship publications - for resources such as Rejoice and Sing and the URC Worship Book please visit the URC online store.

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