Ukraine: prayers for second anniversary

We asked Ukrainian young people who are refugees in the UK what we should pray for on the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine. Here is their response:

God who hears,

For two years we have prayed, mourned and lamented. Two years of war in Ukraine. Two years of invasion, of violence, of death.

Sometimes it slips from news broadcasts and from people’s consciousness. But we know you, O God, have not forgotten.

We hold before you refugees who still feel like strangers, unsure when or if they will ever see and hug loved ones again.

Keep safe those who remain in Ukraine. Protect them from the mental and physical wounds of war. We ask for a miraculous end to this bloodshed.

Help us, even when we feel powerless, to act where we can. To care, to listen, to sit with those who grieve. To give, to protest, to continue to pray:

Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as in Heaven.



Download a free PDF version of the prayer.

The Joint Public Issues Team has produced a briefing and supporting resources to help people engage with the challenging questions posed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Download the briefing.

Image: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash.