New Reality, Same Mission

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New reality cover RGBIn 2020, members of the URC’s Church-Related Community Work, Church and Society, Children’s and Youth Work and Walking the Way teams, along with Church Action on Poverty, started a conversation called 'New Reality, Same Mission' about helping congregations think about mission and community engagement in these challenging times.

As a follow-up to that conversation, here are a few ideas, resources and questions on offer for you and your local church to consider today. 

The reality around us may have changed through the Covid-19 pandemic, but God’s call to mission, as we seek to live out God’s values of love and justice, Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today, remains the same.

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This booklet explores the Pastoral Cycle and how this can help your church focus on the needs of your local community. There is a full version (PDF | 6.1mb) and a summary (PDF | 98.2kb) or you can read it online.

Here is a YouTube playlist of video reflections from a range of people talking about engaging in God’s mission in these strange times.

In early 2021, “Church at the Edge” Zoom sessions were held monthly, exploring different topics or questions about mission and community engagement in an informal setting. These sessions have currently stopped, but may resume in future. Please watch this space for updates.

Here is a video of a session with Shermara Fletcher, Principal Officer for Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multi-cultural Relations with Churches Together in England, sharing her thoughts on what the Church should be doing in response to these most challenging times.

Finding funding sources for mission and community engagement can be challenging. Here are a few good places to start:

  • Synod-distributed funds/Funds requiring synod support – Remember to contact your Synod Office for more information on potential funding sources in your area, including denominational funds which are distributed by synods, or otherwise require synod support.
  • Funding sources recommended by the CRCW network – A list of organisations and agencies, recommended by the URC’s Church Related Community Work network, with potential funding support for mission in your local neighbourhood.
  • Discipleship Development Fund – Around £5,000 per award per year is available to recognised groups within the URC who can demonstrate that their plans are about helping people to live out their faith in everyday life.
  • Funder Finder – A great tool for finding potential sources of funding for various purposes and groups, including engagement with your local neighbourhood.
  • URC Vision 2020 Grants – One-off special project grants of up to £1,000 or development grants of up to £6,000 over three years to help churches engage with the ten priorities of Vision 2020, including community partnerships, hospitality and diversity.
  • URC Children’s & Youth Work Committee – Small grants for events, projects, activities which will benefit children, young people and families.
  • URC Community Projects Award – If your URC congregation or ecumenically-led community project is making an impact in your neighbourhood, it could be nominated for a URC Community Award including a grant of up to £2,000 to support its continuation.
  • Orchard House Fund – Small grants, not normally more than £5,000, available (anonymously if needed) to church members in need. More information is available from John Samson, URC Chief Financial Officer.

Here are some additional materials which might be useful to you and your local church as you explore mission and community engagement in light of the pandemic:

Please contact us by email or call 020 7520 2718. We’d love to hear from you, or help however we can.


September 2021


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