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New reality, same Mission

To complement the discussion booklet produced by the moderators (Ready for the new ‘normal’), this booklet is offered by members of the URC’s Church Related Community Work, Mission and Discipleship teams, along with Church Action on Poverty, to enable individuals and local churches to explore, in more detail, questions of community presence and engagement and social justice in the new reality which we all face.

We believe that Christians and churches are called to demonstrate God’s love to our neighbours, and to collaborate towards building flourishing communities, so that people may live ‘life in all abundance’ (John 10:10). This is particularly important in this moment of crisis, reflection and rebuilding.

There are, of course, many wonderful examples of this kind of mission and ministry happening through local churches and community groups already, some of which are included here to offer inspiration. You are probably already actively involved with a local community initiative, voluntary group or network. If you have a story, example or information to share, please let us know.



Join the conversation through live online discussion groups for those who have engaged with the booklet.

The group responsible for this initiative would love to hear about the responses of local churches and projects.

Please consider joining an online discussion to share thoughts, feelings and actions prompted by New Reality, Same Mission.

An updated version of the booklet will be produced in Spring 2021


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