Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today

NEW RESOURCE!!! Lent materials 2020 using the psalms to open up stories from the pilgrims of the URC's educational visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories NEW RESOURCE!!!

Walking the Way is the United Reformed Church’s exciting focus on lifelong Christian discipleship and mission. It moves beyond a set of programmes into the world, where each step we take is accompanied by Jesus, helping us to bring about change in our own lives and, ultimately, in Church culture and society. As you engage in Walking the Way, we hope your understanding of what being a Christian disciple means will deepen. Who knows, you may grow beyond your wildest dreams, living as a disciple in all parts of your life. 

The Greek word for ‘disciple’ is mathetes, which literally means: ‘one who learns as they follow’.

Walking the Way explores what it means to follow actively, learn from – and eventually be transformed by – Jesus. It’s for anyone at any stage of the Christian journey – whoever you are, whatever your existing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church, whatever your personal circumstances. It’s for you whether you have been following Jesus for five days or five decades. 

Of course, there’s nothing new about being a disciple of Christ. What is new about Walking the Way is its practical, flexible, dynamic and accessible approach, and the wide range of supporting resources produced and planned. Over time, these web pages will fill with rich, creative materials to help you on your walk – as an individual, as you walk with a few others, and as you walk courageously in the world. 

The news page shares stories, information and examples about living the life of Jesus today across the URC. The resource map provides an innovative way of navigating some of the different materials and strategies available out there to help with your personal journey, your journey with others around you, your place in the wider community and all the crossover points. The further resources page gives access to official Walking the Way resources, featured resources and seasonal resources.

One key resource recommended for Walking the Way is Holy Habits, a set of texts exploring 10 habits that can help us to develop new ways of Christian living.

Stepwise is the United Reformed Church's intergenerational discipleship development programme, focussed firmly on the needs of each participant and the communities in which they live and serve. Learn how you can get involved here.

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If you need any further information or have stories to share about misisonal discipleship where you are, please e-mail wtw@urc.org.uk or call us on 020 7520 2718. We'd love to hear from you!

Walking the Way Living the life of Jesus today