Lundie Memorial Award winners: October to December

Last Updated on 21 March 2023 by Neil Hunter

Three young people from the United Reformed Church Yorkshire and Eastern Synods and the National Synod of Wales have become the latest recipients of the Lundie Memorial Award.

Here, we recognise and celebrate October, November and December’s receipients.


Applause to ten-year-old Lily Hatton, from Yorkshire Synod, who is October’s recipient.

Lily’s bubbly personality is said to shine through all that she contributes to within her church family: from singing worship songs loud and clear, or her willingness to help with whatever is needed.

Lily Hatton from Yorkshire Synod.

The ten-year-old regularly participates in ‘Whizz Kids’, the children’s group in her church, attends all-age worship, and enjoys and excels at reading the Bible out loud bringing it to life for others to hear.

After the service Lily can usually be found collecting the hymn books, stacking them carefully and helping to clear away refreshments.

Lilly’s cheerfulness is described as having a “positive effect on the rest of the congregation making them smile and feel as though she is a friend to all”.

John Paskell, an Elder at West Melton URC who nominated Lilly, described her as “a very willing, helpful young girl who is keen to contribute”.


Congratulations to 14-year-old Harri Bourne, National Synod of Wales, who is November’s recipient.

Nominated by the Revd Julia Bartholomew, Minister and Children’s Club Leader at Rhos-on-Sea URC, Harri is described as an “outstanding committed, reliable, mature and adaptable younger leader”.

Harri Bourne from the National Synod of Wales.

Harri began volunteering at ‘Flying Foxes’, an after-school club, to help him work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. While at the group, he helps run any tech needed, sets up and tidies away without being asked and helps to serve the refreshments on offer.

Julia said: “Harri’s experience and knowledge of growing up in the church, has meant he has been able to get alongside those younger than him and nurture and support them, as they themselves grow up in the same church.

“During regular Flying Foxes team meetings, Harri articulates his knowledge, helping the other members of the team to understand the younger members needs and wants.

“When the opportunity to participate as a member of the service crew at an Urban Saints camp arose, Harri jumped at the chance, even giving up weekends to be trained and to attend the camp itself. The days were long, often starting at 6.45am and finishing at 11pm but Harri showed himself to be reliable, cheerful, made new friends, joined in group discussions, and completed his duties of serving meals to a table of eight, clearing and washing up, helping to run games and activities.”

Harri said he was “so surprised” when told he was November’s recipient of the Lundie Memorial Award, explaining that when started off volunteering he found it fun and rewarding and so kept it up.

Harri hopes to donate this £100 award to Happy Faces, a local charity which helps disadvantaged children in his hometown.


A huge well done to nine-year-old Lexi Cobbold, from Eastern Synod, who is December’s recipient.

Nominator Jo Patel, a local leader at Wattisfield URC, describes Lexi as a “an enormous help and valuable part of the volunteer team” at the Wattisfield’s Saturday morning café.

Lexi Cobbold from Eastern Synod.

Lexi began volunteering for the café after attending with her grandmother. Every other Saturday Lexi’s whole family attends the café, participating and waiting for her to finish her ‘shift’.

When assisting at the café Lexi helps to set up and tidy away, serves food and drinks, and chats to those who attend.

Jo said: “Lexi consistently turns up, with a smile and willingness, which is a real credit to her. Her cheerfulness and maturity are loved by everyone and she has lovely communication skills.”

Lexi said she was “surprised and happy” when she was told she was the latest recipient of the Lundie memorial award, explaining that she enjoys helping in the café and chatting to everyone and is looking forward to receiving her certificate and medal.

Lexi hopes to use her £100 award money to purchase a blossom tree for the church grounds and some decorations for the café itself.

Each month, a recipient of the Lundie Memorial Award will receive a medal, certificate, and a gift of £100 to be spent on the benefit of children and/or young people in their church, synod or local community. For more information, see