Commitment for Life donation helps aid Ukrainian refugees

Asea Railean, Co-President of the Moldova Ecumenical Women’s Forum and volunteers helping Ukrainian refugees.

Last Updated on 5 April 2022 by Ann-Marie Nye

Known to Commitment for Life through its global partner work, the Soarta Community Association and a team of volunteers have supported tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Moldova.

On 12 March, the Association welcomed refugees on the border with Ukraine to offer packages of food, 150 mobile sim cards preloaded with 15 minutes of call time and 20GB of internet to save data roaming charges.

Asea Railean, Co-President of the Moldova Ecumenical Women’s Forum, said the group of helpers met lots of refugees; mainly women, children and wheelchair users, and helped transport them to the Soroca Centre for refugees.

Of their efforts, Asea said: “We are very tired, but very satisfied of our work, because all the people we met and offered packages met us with tears in their eyes, hugged us and asked us to pray for peace in Ukraine.”

Over the following days, the group visited 570 refugees in the city and district of Soroca and delivered toiletries, warm meals, school supplies, toys, and nappies.

To aid the association, the United Reformed Church (URC) made a donation of £1,500.

Francis Brienen, URC Deputy General Secretary (Mission), said: “The Mission Team fully endorses Churches Together in England’s call for the immediate end to the conflict in Ukraine.

“We commend the work being undertaken to help refugees by so many wonderful people in neighbouring countries.

“We are especially grateful for Asea Railean in Moldova, director of the NGO Soarta, for her tireless work in supporting Ukrainian women and children.

“Asea is our URC contact in Moldova​ through the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women. If you would like to make a donation to SOARTA’s work, kindly message Kevin Snyman, Programme Officer (Global Justice & Partnerships) at”