Brothers gain November’s Lundie Memorial Award

Two brothers from the United Reformed Church Southern Synod have gained November’s Lundie Memorial Award.

Tawonga, 20, Malumbo, 16, who attend Gillingham URC, were nominated by Pam Tolhurst, a local leader at the church, who said she and the church were “very proud” of them.

“They are fantastic contributors to the life of the church during worship on Sunday mornings and a great example of brothers working together,” said Pam.

During Sunday services, both Malumbo and Tawonga help with the projector, sound system and the livestream of services.

Upon learning about they were Lundie Memorial Award winners, the brothers said they felt very happy to have won.

They added: “We’re pleased to accept the responsibility of being involved with digital worship as it allows our church’s technician to spend quality time with his family.”

When asked what advice they would give another young person considering being involved in the life of the church Tawonga and Malumbo said: “Look for various ways you can your church and if you don’t know ask yourself ‘what would Jesus do?’”

Each recipient of the Lundie Memorial Award receives £100. Tawonga and Malumbo are still deciding exactly what to spend the money on but know they’d like to support the children and youth work at their church as well as two charities: Mind, the mental health charity and Christian Aid’s Gaza Appeal.

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