Children and Youth

URC Children's and Youth Work takes responsibility for encouraging, promoting and overseeing work with children and young people carried out on behalf of the General Assembly.

Children’s and Youth Work Committee has a direct impact on work with children and young people at all levels of church life through its development of policy, resources and theological reflections, supported by staff based at Church House.

Pilots is the URC’s organisation for all children and young people aged between five and eighteen years old. Pilots companies are run by local congregations of the URC and other denominations, usually meeting on a weekday night, to meet the needs of children and young people in various contexts. Pilots produces high quality children’s and youth work materials, including annual Worship Materials which are shared with the whole Church. They also host the popular Pilots Big Day Out every few years, to which the whole Church family is warmly invited to ‘be a Pilot for the day’. 2016 marks Pilots’ 80th anniversary.

URC Youth is an organisation for all young people involved or associated in any way with the United Reformed Church. The URC Youth Assembly, held annually, offers young people the chance to share in fun, faith and fellowship, as well as have their say on issues affecting the Church, society and the world around them. URC Youth Executive, comprised of young people elected by URC Youth Assembly along with representatives from each Synod, takes the lead on representing the views and interests of young people throughout the URC, as well as carrying out work on behalf of Youth Assembly.

The Children’s and Youth Work of the URC is supported by the Children’s and Youth Work Office staff based at Church House in London, consisting of:

karen bulley morrison1Karen Morrison – Head of Children’s and Youth Work Development (HCYWD)

Karen takes the lead on the URC’s Children’s and Youth Work strategy and policy development, working closely with committees, groups and staff across the denomination. She works to ensure that children and young people are fully able to participate in the life and work of the URC as ‘equal partners in the life of the church with adults’ (URC Charter for Children in the Church). As part of this, Karen manages the Assembly assigned work of the Synod Children’s and Youth Development Officers (CYDOs), offers guidance and support to the URC Youth Executive and represents the URC on a number of ecumenical children’s and youth organisations, amongst many other duties.

Simon Peters – Children’s and Youth Work Programme Officer (CYWPO)

Simon supports the URC’s Children’s and Youth Work in a range of ways from writing and editing Pilots resources, maintaining our pages on the URC Website, verifying CFCA applications, representing the URC on the Council for World Mission’s (CWM) European Youth Steering Group, helping to organise events and debriefing young people on their return from international trips and experiences.

Carole Sired – Pilots Administrator and PA to HCYWD

As well as providing office support for Karen, Carole takes responsibility for Pilots administration, including dealing with queries from local churches, maintaining our databases, arranging meetings, taking minutes, ordering materials and supporting events. Carole also supports the production of Pilots resources.

Heather Wilkinson – PA to Children’s and Youth Work 

Heather takes responsibility for Children’s and Youth Work administration, including dealing with queries from local churches, maintaining our databases, arranging meetings, ordering materials and supporting events. Heather takes responsibility for the administration of the URC Youth Assembly and URC Youth Executive.