URC Youth

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URC Youth is the umbrella title for all those young people and adults who are connected with the URC and fall into the 11 to 25 age bracket.

'Our mission is to discover God, help each other grow in the Christian faith and, though our lives, reflect God's love to all'

Each year the URC Youth Assembly brings together a diverse group of under-25s from across Scotland, England and Wales for a weekend of business and fun combined, exploring issues and topics relevant to Church, society and life through workshops, seminars, discussions and creative activitiy.

YA2020 Induction
Photo: Reuben Watt;s induction as Youth Assembly Moderator - with Revd Nigel Uden, General Assembly Moderator



Round-Up - the newsletter of Youth Assembly 2020

Katie Henderson's farewell address as Youth Assembly Moderator 

Natalie Gibbs' farewell address as Youth Assembly Moderator


The URC Youth Executive for 2020 are:

Youth Assembly Moderator: Reuben Watt 

Youth Assembly Moderator Elect: Jo Harris

Mission Council & General Assembly Representative: Victoria Turner
Northern Synod: Dylan Hall
North Western Synod: In vacancy *
Mersey Synod: Emily Dudley
Yorkshire Synod: Jacob Lowe
East Midlands Synod: Ella Lemon
West Midlands Synod: Esme Ramsden
Eastern Synod: Helen Glasse
South Western Synod: In vacancy *
Wessex Synod: Jessica England
Thames North Synod: Philippa Osei
Southern Synod: Julia Seal
Synod of Wales: David Turner
Synod of Scotland: Morven Sanderson and Beth McDonald
Pilots Representative: Megan Westgarth
Equalities & Diversity Representative: Alanna Hurman

Supported by:
YA Clerk: Nick Booth
Chaplain: Alison Gray
CYDO+ Trainer: Tom Hackett
Head of Children’s & Youth Work: Sam Richards

*Applicants for these posts are welcomed from
anyone aged 16-25 connected to a church in the
synod or living, studying or working in the synod, or
with other links.
Please contact children.youth@urc.org.uk.


Paperwork for Youth Assembly 2020 

Childcare Arrangements for Youth Assembly 2020 
Youth Assembly Programme Booklet 2020 
Standing Orders  
Programme Mailing letter  
Marks of 3i Church DRAFT  
URC Environmental Policy 
List of Elections 2020 
Standing for Election  
Whitemoor Lakes Site Rules 

Paperwork for booking Youth Assembly 2020

Letter to participants
Resolution Form 
General information and consent form for under 18s 
Request to administer medication 
General information and consent form for 18 to 25 inclusive
General information and consent form for age 26 and over 
Assembly Code of Conduct
Coach travel arrangements
Kit List and Driving Directions 



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