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URC Youth Executive

The voice of young people and adults at the URC are represented by the URC Youth Executive whose members are elected to post every year.

The members of the 2022 Youth Executive are:

  • Moderator –  Heather Moore –  Email: [email protected]
  • Moderator Elect –Maya Withall – Email: [email protected]
  • Assembly Executive & General Assembly Representative – Jadan Turner
  • Equalities & Diversity Representative – vacant
  • Representative for younger youth – vacant
  • Northern Synod – vacant
  • North Western Synod – vacant
  • Mersey Synod – vacant
  • Yorkshire Synod – Daniel Raddings
  • East Midlands Synod – Billy Logan
  • West Midlands Synod – Claire Kerrigan
  • Eastern Synod – vacant
  • South Western Synod – Jessica Gough
  • Wessex Synod – vacant
  • Thames North Synod – Christine Ntim
  • Southern Synod – Zeerak Shahbaz
  • Synod of Wales – vacant
  • Synod of Scotland – Michael Smith

Supported by:

  • Youth Assembly Clerk –Eleanor Davies (until Nov 2024), Reuben Watt (as of Nov 2024)
  • Chaplain – Revd Helen Everard
  • CYDO+ Trainer – Lorraine Downer
  • Head of Children’s & Youth Work – Sam Richards

*Applicants for vacant posts are welcomed from anyone aged 16-25 connected to a church in the synod or living, studying or working in the synod, or with other links. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Documents connected with URC Youth and Youth Assembly

URC Youth handbook (PDF|706KB)

Standing Orders for URC Youth Assembly (PDF331KB)

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