School plants 50 trees for URC’s jubilee

Last Updated on 20 April 2022 by Catherine Kelliher

A wonderful celebration of the United Reformed Church’s 50th anniversary has been held at Barrow URC School in Clitheroe.

On 1 April, families, friends and members of the community were invited to help schoolchildren plant 50 trees, each marking 50 years of the denomination.

The tree planting was followed by fun tea party, and a reading of Celebrate Together – the all-age book specially commissioned for the jubilee – by Dr Sam Richards, Head of Children’s and Youth Work and Lorraine Webb, Programme Officer (Children’s & Youth Work).

A copy of the book was given to each child to take home, and a special assembly was also held with prayers led by the Revd Adam Woodhouse, Minister of Clitheroe URC.

Nicola McArdle, Head of Barrow URC School, said: “As the sun shone through the windows and we all came together as a school and family of God, it felt a truly special moment.

“The morning was filled with singing, dancing, tree planting and even cream tea! Sophia, a Year 4 pupil said that trees hold memories and what lovely memories they are for everyone who came along to celebrate.”

Dr Sam Richards added: “It was a wonderfully joyous occasion and a privilege to be part of worshipping the life of this amazing school.”

A short film of the occasion can be viewed here:

The planting of 50 trees, was the start of a North-Western Synod-wide initiative to plant 500 trees across the jubilee year.

Image: Dr Kevin Snyman