Resources for Children and Youth

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Coronavirus resources for children and youth workers

CORONAVIRUS : At this unprecedented time when Christian Children's and Youth Work (like all other) is reduced from gathered to dispersed outreach and we are no longer able to meet directly with families and individuals for pastoral or faith-based purposes, we have provided a couple of resources you may find useful. Read more

Supplements to our bimonthly newsletters

A special supplement to our bimonthly newsletter with links to a variety of resources which may be suitable for your setting 

 A special supplement to our bimonthly newsletter with links to continuing professional development/skills development

A special supplement to our bimonthy newsletter with links to a variety of resources to explain to children and young people about the virus and to support them through anxiety, grief and loss

A special supplement to our bimonthly newsletter with links to resources suitable for 11 to 18 year olds 

Training Digest - April 2020 



Introducing our new resource for families at home 

There are plenty of resources on the internet to support faith at home, but we wanted to provide something specifically URC in nature. The national Children's and Youth Work team have worked together to produce Families on Faith Adventures @ Home , drawing on the materials from Pilots and Friends on Faith Adventures (FOFA) as a starting point. These materials are a  'pick and mix' selection of activites and prayers and challenges based around a different Bible reading each week. No matter what your family make-up, hopefully you will find something useful to you amongt the suggestions here.

FOFAAH small


Ruth White, CYDO for Wessex S Synod, tells us more about the programme 

9 April 2020 - A Supper To Remember 

16 April 2020 - Listening to God

23 April 2020 - You Are Not Lost

30 April 2020 - Be The Star You Are 

7 May 2020 - Sing Out : God is in Charge 

14 May 2020 - Never The Wrong Time To Do The Right Thing

21 May 2020 - The Rollercoaster of Emotions 

28 May 2020 - Pentecost Power 

4 June 2020 - 70 x 7 = Forgiveness 

11 June 2020 - Chosen One

18 June 2020 - Chosen Too

25 June 2020 - Glimpses of God 

2 July 2020 - Put Legs On Your Prayers 

9 July 2020 - Whatever Next? 

16 July 2020 - Let's Get Right To The Point! 

23 July 2020 - Work in Progress 

30 July 2020 - Be, Look, Listen, DO 

6 August 2020 - Nothing's Impossible in God's Time 


The URC and Pilots and other associated organisations also publish resources for use with children, young people and in intergenerational settings: 


Prayers for Foster Care Fortnight 11 to 24 may 2020  

Prayer resource for Foster Care Fortnight 

Common Ground: Resource Pack 2020 

Front page image


Additional drama for Common Ground 


The Gift’ and ‘Where are the children?’: Extra Resources










Download your spare calendars and prayer dice here:

  • Calendar (pdf)
    calendar image
  • Prayer dice (pdf)
    dice bookmark image

  • One Body resource pack is available as PDF via email. Please click on the image for a link. 
    Front page as JPEG             



  • Resources for Lent and Easter 2020 

                          Easter stations in schools

                          Easter story bag

                          Wilderness Reflections - Lent Journal 

                          General resources 


  •  Resources for work with Under 5s and their families  2020

   During 2020 the CYW team and CYDOs+ will be sharing some resources, links and ideas to resource churches and individuals in their work with Under 5s and their families. New factsheets or resource sheets will be added to this library throughout the year. 


    Bumps and Babies 

    Adverse Childhood Experences (ACES) and 1001 Critical Days 

   Babies in the Community 

   Mental health for new parents

   ROOTS for Churches - Worshipping with 0s to 5s 


   Toddler Groups 

   Setting up and running an effective creche

   Parenting for faith 

   Baby loss

   Bibles and other resources for Under Fives 

   0-5s in church (including breastfeeding) 



          September: Faithfulness

          October:      Gentleness 

          November:  Advent

          December:  Self control 



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