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Children and young people are 'equal the life of the Church' (URC Children's Charter), at local, Synod and Assembly level. The role of the Assembly Children’s and Youth Work Committee is to support, nurture and accompany chlidren and young people on their journeys and to ensure that their voices, concerns and opinions are heard throughout the URC.

Our aim is also to support those who work with children and young people at a local level and beyond. So, if you are a child or young person associated with the URC, work with children and/or young people within the context of the URC or want to encourage and support such work, these pages will provide you with information on services, resources, events and opportunities related to children and young people in the URC, as well as the latest news, stories, tips and ways to get involved!.

It is always a great joy and privilege to accompany children and young people as they encounter God. This cannot be achieved without the support of many volunteers and staff based throughout the United Reformed Church. Many thanks are offered to all those who work so tirelessly in enabling children and young people to grow in their faith and love, a journey in which children have as much to offer to the Church to learn from and develop through, as the Church can offer them! Will you join us on this exciting journey?!

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