Moderator plods prayerfully around Mersey Synod during Holy Week

In a demonstration of faith and devotion, the Revd Geoff Felton, Moderator of the URC Mersey Synod, undertook a journey of prayer across Mersey Synod during Holy Week.

Over the course of four days, Geoff spent 16½ hours and 38.2 miles walking from Southport to Formby, Crosby to Allerton, Seacombe to West Kirby, and finally from Thomas Risley Church to St John’s URC in Warrington.

Congregations along Geoff’s route were invited to join the prayer walk and some also offered refreshments.

The pilgrimage passed through much of what makes Liverpool famous and through quieter communities.

“Liverpool is a vibrant, party city with a varied and rich history. It needs our prayers, and it needs a strong church to be a people of hope in a world that can all too often be distracted by the bright lights of celebrity,” said Geoff.

“En-route we had great conversations that covered amongst other things deep theology, personal convictions, family life and our hopes for the future,” added Geoff. “We prayed together and gave thanks to God for a wonderful time of fellowship.

“What an incredible experience it’s been. It far exceeded my expectations. God is good.”

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