Maidenhead URC maintain tireless support for Ukraine

A group of volunteers, operating out of Maidenhead United Reformed Church, are continuing to send boxes upon boxes of donations to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Since March, four trucks full of donations have made the trip from the church, which has served as a base for people to drop off essential items, to Poland. Plans for a fifth journey is underway.

The Revd David Downing said: “People are still connecting to us and still thinking that by doing this they’re doing what they can to bring a bit of peace, hope and love into a world that is so in need.

“There is that sense that sometimes we feel we can’t do anything to make any difference in this world but sometimes just donating one tin of food really does make a difference and this is one small way people really can bring a lot of joy.”

Jolanta Pietrusinska, whose hometown is near the Polish-Ukrainian border, has played a key role in helping co-ordinate the delivery of goods to those in need.

With links to families in Ukraine and towns on the border with Poland, Jolanta has provided first-hand knowledge of exactly what is needed which has fuelled donations.

Speaking in March, Jolanta said: “We need to keep going.”

“At the time of the Jubilee we always talk about the Queen giving us an example of what service to others actually means,” continued Revd Downing.

“This in some ways is continuing that legacy. We are serving people we may not ever know their names or who they are, but this is something we can do to help and we are refusing to give up on those in need.”



Image: Maidenhead Advertiser.