Children's and Youth Development Officers

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Got a question about Children’s and Youth Work in your area? Thinking about setting up a Youth Group? Organising a trip for children? Whatever questions or concerns you may have, your Synod Children's and Youth Development Officer (CYDO)* is there to support you.

1 Northern Hannah Middleton   
1 Northern
Children's Work Advisor, Mrs Hannah Middleton 
Youth Work Advisor, Mr John Stephenson

2 North Western Leo Roberts 
2  North Western     
Mr Leo Roberts

3 Mersey Stephen Mitchell
3  Mersey             
Mr Steven Mitchell    

4  Yorkshire
C&YP Development Practitioner, Mrs Megan Tillbrook

Jon Steel
C&YP Development Practitioner, Mr Jon Steel 

5 East Midlands Jane Henderson         
5  East Midlands     
Mrs Jane Henderson

8 South Western Vacant      
6 West Midlands     

Mr Richard Knott 

Nicola Grieves   

7  Eastern           
Mrs Nicola Grieves

Michelle Howard        
8 South Western       
Church Development Worker, Ms Michelle Howard

9 Wessex north Phil Ray       
9 Wessex (North)       
Mr Phil Ray

Ruth White      
9 Wessex (South)         
Mrs Ruth White

8 South Western Vacant  
10  Thames North         
Lorraine Downer 

11 Southern Tom Hackett        
11  Southern 
Mr Thomas Hackett

12 Wales Judy Harris       
12  Wales                     
Mrs Judy Harris 

 Jess and Matt        
13  Scotland                   
Children's Ministry Development Worker, Jess Poole

Youth Ministry Development Worker, Matt Baines 


Click on the links above to email the CYDO or CYDO equivalent in your synod or click HERE to find out more about what a CYDO actually does.                          


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