Celebrate 50th anniversary with new all-age book

The United Reformed Church has created a special intergenerational book to help celebrate the URC’s 50th anniversary.

Celebrate Together is a lively, colourful picture book designed for families to share together, and is being made available free of charge for all members of, and those connected to, the URC.

The story, written by the URC’s Head of Children’s and Youth Work, Sam Richards, and Ruth White, one of the Children’s Youth Development Officers for the Wessex Synod, and illustrated by Mark Beech, tells the story of the URC and church life through a big party, with things to find out and questions to ponder.

Each page has a flap revealing more about the URC, which came into being on October 5, 1972, with insights into the life and work of the URC today.

The book is available for free enabling local churches to give copies to every member and to everyone associated with the life of the church. Copies can be ordered through the URC Bookshop, for just a postage and packaging charge.

Dr Sam Richards, Head of Children’s and Youth, said: “We have secured funding to enable us to produce 50,000 copies so everyone is invited to join the party. Brush off your party tricks, put on your party clothes and come and join the fun!”

Every church will receive a copy in the resource pack for local churches to kickstart the Jubilee year in January. The pack will include many other exciting resources.

An all-age service outline and prayer stations linked to the book will also be available early in the new year on the URC website, www.urc.org.uk/50

Keep visiting the URC Bookshop for updates.