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Watch our Commitment for Life videos to find out more about the issue of global injustice and what you can do to help fight it.

Commitment for Life Advert: At the Movies

A playful look at a serious issue…

Harvest service

This Harvest service is free to download, embed and/or use for your local or online service:

Services of worship

Leila Bousbaa guides us through this ecumenical Christian service of worship during Fairtrade Fortnight:

William Bell: Where is Palestine?

Commitment for Life speaks to William Bell from Christian Aid about the report ‘Where is Palestine?’

Why Forgive Debt?

A Commitment for Life Zoom event with Global Justice Now

Leaving a gift in your Will

Leave a legacy to your church and Commitment for Life:

Legacy! A music video

A catchy music video about what the legacy we leave behind to bless the world:

Why are corporate courts so unfair?

Jean Blaylock from Global Justice Now explains why this private court system is immoral, unjust and just plain wrong:

Zimbabwe cuisine with Wilbert

The Revd Wilbert Sayimani show us how to prepare a typical Zimbabwean dish:

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