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Legacies of Slavery

You are invited to explore how the legacies of slavery continue to affect life today

At its 2022 General Assembly, the URC passed two resolutions (PDF | 56kb) put forward by the Legacies of Slavery Task Team. Find out more

Legacies of Slavery – an update on our work

Find out how far the United Reformed Church’s work on the Legacies of Slavery has progressed

Watch a series of videos that explore the legacy of slavery

The Legacies of Slavery in the URC

How do the legacies of the transatlantic slave trade manifest themselves in the church today? What should be our response?

Do Black Lives Matter in the URC?

We explore this question and the global awakening to the Legacies of Slavery, white privilege and racial oppression in an online conversation

Telling it like it is

A video that looks at white privilege in the Church today

‘Being white’

What does it mean to be White? What is White privilege? Is the church structurally and theologically racist?

‘The Healer’

How does its art and iconography both reflect and uphold racism in the church?

Legacies of Slavery Task Group Consultation

faq-icon1Consultation responses

Read anonymised responses to our Legacies of Slavery Consultation

faq-icon1Consultation overview

Find out about the consultation, why it’s happening now and read a draft ‘Apology and Confession’

faq-icon1Frequently Asked Questions

Read an updated list of FAQs about the Legacies of Slavery Consultation

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