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Vision2020 is a ten year strategic framework for mission, adopted by General Assembly in 2010. It is a framework to inspire and support mission planning at every level of the United Reformed Church: local, Synod and Assembly. 

The basis of vision2020 is formed by the ten statements of our mission and purpose and the ways by which we know we are achieving them. They sum up what we believe God is calling us to be and to do, as local churches and as a denomination. 

The key idea of vision2020 is that, on a regular basis, local churches look at their mission priorities and do so in a context of prayer and discernment. We believe it is important to do this because all of us are called to be witnesses to the life and work of Christ in our communities.

There are ten priorities in vision2020 and churches are invited to identify one or two mission priorities which are particularly pressing or relevant to their context. No one is asked to work on all 10 priorities. One of the marks of a healthy church is to do a few things and to do them well.

With each statement (or priority) comes a set of actions. A full list of priorities with the suggested actions can be found below.

Once a local congregation has identified one or more activities that might give expression to their mission priority, they will make a pledge or a commitment to try to achieve them over the course of a particular period. This is what is called the Local Mission Pledge. What is key is that you share this pledge or plan (the Synods use different terms for this) with your Synod and with the Mission Team at Church House. You can do so by filling out the form below.

The Local Mission Pledges are important for the Synods as they will help shape each Synod to plan how better to serve the local church in its mission. In turn, Synods shaped by the mission plans of local churches can make a pledge to the Assembly and, in doing so, help the denomination to see where support and resources are needed. This will shape the work of Assembly staff and committees. It will make sure that it is the mission priorities of local churches that shape the work of the Church as a whole.

Getting involved now

Many churches already make regular mission plans. Where you are already active, please tell us about it by entering your pledge or plan below. 

If you haven't thought about mission planning yet, you will find a simple resource below to help you get started. Your Synod Mission Enabler or Training and Development Officer (TDO) will also be able to help.

Reources to help you in mission

Resources for mission planning

  • How to plan for mission using vision2020 - a resource.
  • Need someone to help you with mission planning? Contact you Synod Mission Enabler.
  • Making a mission pledge. Download a form here.

Grants for mission

  • To support mission in local communities vision2020 grants are available. For more details and an application form click here.
  • A number of Synods also offer grants for local mission work. Please visit your Synod website for more information.
  • Visit for useful information on other funding opportunities.

Study and discussion resources for mission

  • The theological thinking behind vision2020 is expressed in the Mission Values. You can download the Mission Values here.
  • Based on the Mission Values, the Mission Team has written a mission creed and a study guide to go along with it. This is a useful small group resource in nine sections offering opportunities for bible study, prayer and reflection on mission in its many aspects. To download the mission creed study guide click here.

Email Tracey Hardingham for more information or telephone 020 7916 8655