Local Inter Faith

The most effective inter faith engagement takes place at grass roots level, of which the following represent just a few examples. One of the members of the URC inter faith enabling group, the Revd Dr John Parry is the co-director to the London Inter Faith Centre, which seeks to engage with the reality of individuals and communities ‘living together in a multi-faith society’. In 2018, Grassroots Luton celebrated its 25th anniversary. Grassroots works to empower Luton’s faith and cultural communities. It supports community work in the Beech Hill Bury Park area of Luton through the ministry of Karen Campbell who is the URC Church Related Community Worker based there. In Blackburn, URC church related community worker Mal Breeze is working with two local churches, situated in areas with high Asian populations. Mal reaches out to local mosques and other places of worship to forge closer links. Although misunderstandings and suspicions inevitably exist, the situation is far from the picture of ‘divided communities’ portrayed by the Panorama programme ‘White Fright: Divided Britain’, aired in January 2018.

We want to support and encourage you in this important work and would love to hear your stories of interfaith engagement at a local level. Please contact Carole Sired