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The URC at Greenbelt 2022

Find out what the United Reformed Church is doing at the Greenbelt Festival (26 – 29 August 2022) and how you can be part of it

Revolting Christians

Our theme for this year’s Greenbelt is ‘Revolting Christians’. Revolting Christians stand up to injustice, confront oppression and seek lasting change for good, following the example of Jesus. We’ll have the chance to celebrate revolting Christians from history, as well as to encourage and equip each other to be revolting Christians!

Bring your church group

Find out how you can bring your church group or church congregation to this year’s Greenbelt Festival

Photos for the URC collage

Send photos of yourselves to be included in the URC collage at Greenbelt and help us show how we are full of many different people

Greenbelt from home

From making paper beads and bunting to sending us your photos, find out how you can join us from home at this year’s Greenbelt Festival

Come to church

Come to church at Greenbelt on Sunday 28 August and celebrate the United Reformed Church’s 50th anniversary

Download our flyer

Download our flyer and help us tell more people about what the URC is doing at Greenbelt this year

Volunteer FAQs

If you’re volunteering for the URC at Greenbelt this year, these FAQs will help answer some of your questions

Useful websites


Visit the Greenbelt Festival website to get tickets for the event and to find out more about this year’s line-up


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