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Due to the ongoing uncertainty and government advice and activity around combating the Coronavirus pandemic, the Greenbelt festival for 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled. Although we are saddened, this just means that, using the same theme of Revolting Christians, the United Reformed Church will work towards an even more creative and involved presence for 2021. More information about COVID-19 and the festival can be found on the Greenbelt website.

Read on to find out about all the ways you can enjoy Greenbelt from the comfort of your own home. 

New Blog post: Black Lives Matter: How white people can become better allies Black Lives Matter Protest

In the second of our blogs for Greenbelt, we hear from 18-year-old Amanda Veitch, who has been a member of URC Youth for four years.

Amanda wrote this piece in response to the Black Lives Matter protests this summer, following the murder of George Floyd.

Amanda highlights the importance of being an ally and actively becoming anti-racist. Amanda writes:

As a white person, I need to start taking responsibility and educate myself, because it isn’t anyone else’s job to do that for me. Allyship isn’t a specific point that you suddenly achieve, it is a continuous process of questioning your own thoughts and learning/re-learning ideas. As political activist Angela Davis said: ‘it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be actively anti-racist.’

You can read Amanda’s thought-provoking blog post: Black Lives Matter: How white people can become better allies, here.

Photo by Thomas de Luze on Unsplash

Wild At Home Wild at Home banner WebCrop

We may be sad that Greenbelt festival can't go ahead this year but we are delighted that an online event will be taking place instead!

The Wild At Home online festival will take place on Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 August and we hope you don't miss out on what promises to be a great event. So, what's on offer?

There’ll be music, comedy and spoken word live from The Canopy, as well as ideas and debate live from The Pagoda. You’ll also be able to catch up for after-show conversations and roundtable discussions live from The Foundry.

And no Greenbelt would be the same without drop-in tables and meet-up spaces in The Jesus Arms. The drinks might be on you this year, but we’ll provide the virtual venue.

Sunday 30 August is going to be our day to ditch your screens and come together for a lunchtime communion and picnic. You bring the hamper and rug and they’ll supply an hour of thoughtful and encouraging reflection for us all to focus on and gather around – served up by some very familiar Greenbelt faces, speaking to you from the beautiful (but empty) grounds of Boughton House.

Passes are on sale now for just £10 for the weekend (think of them as your digital wristband for the weekend). You’re very welcome to invite people round – distantly social of course. And, here's the good bit: If you buy a £10 pass it will give you access to the livestream Wild at Home content from The Canopy and The Pagoda not just for the day or weekend – but for the whole of September. So, if you miss a panel or performer on the day from either of our two livestream venues, or want to watch something again, you can log in and watch any one of these main livestream sessions again on-demand for a whole month after.

Head this way for more details and ticket purchases from Greenbelt.

Will the URC be involved in the online event? greenbelt Photo WebCrop

No, we won't but we can't wait to watch all the offerings the weekend may bring! That doesn't mean that we aren't working very hard behind the scenes to plan and prepare for next year's festival. We have lots of exciting things to share with you and we can't wait to tell you about them when the time is tight...just watch this space!

If you would like to get involved in the festival next year and represent the URC, we will have a variety of volunteer roles to offer. We will give you much more detail about these roles and how you can apply towards the end of this year but if you would like to register your interest, please email the team at

If you would rather not volunteer but would still like to keep up-to-date with our plans for next year, you can join our mailing list by contacting our URC at Greenbelt Administrator: Samara Andrews (email).

URC Scavenger HuntTreasureHunt photo WebCrop2

Welcome to the URC Scavenger Hunt! At Greenbelt, many of you would normally walk around the site looking for the items that we have hidden. Even though we may not be physically at Greenbelt, we are still going to be running our Scavenger Hunt with a twist!

There will be a series of 9 questions that you have to answer correctly. If you get the answer right, you will get a piece of a jigsaw which you can then cut out, colour in and form the image. To help answer these 9 questions, you may need to visit some Greenbelt partners, organisations or festival favourites websites to help!

Click on the link and start your scavenger hunt now!

As well as a scavenger hunt, our URC Children's and Youth Work team have resources to share with you. Please see below for more details.

URC Children’s and Youth Work

fsmilies on faith adventures

Families on faith adventures is free weekly resource for families to use at home, exploring a Bible passage through interactive story-telling, creative activities, fun, and ways into worship suitable for all, including the very youngest and those with additional needs.

Trialogue Advert final WebCrop

A regular broadcast discussion for 16-25s, exploring a current topic through the lens of a bible passage, addressing questions posed by the audience.

URC Youth invite you to join their regular online live YouTube broadcast called ‘Trialogue’.




Resources for a 'new normal'

Visit this page regularly for resources to encourage and enhance discipleship exploration with individuals, local churches and communities. Find Walking the Way resources here.




New Blog post: Stay Alert to Justice GB Roo 4b WebCrop

Roo Stewart of the United Reformed Church, one of Greenbelt’s associate partners, encourages us to keep looking outside ourselves during lockdown and beyond. You can read his illuminating and thought provoking blog post, on the Greenbelt website here: 'Stay Alert to Justice'.

''Staying alert to justice means that we are mindful that there are people within our communities who are struggling because our systems are not working for them and need to be adjusted. Loving kindness and walking humbly means that we don’t shirk our responsibilities towards others. Instead, it means each of us must take action by continuing to push for positive systemic change. We would love you to join us'.


Help us keep the spirit of Greenbelt alive

But don’t think the fun stops there! In the meantime, we aim to keep you entertained at home and connected to Greenbelt with regular activities. Download our PDF of ideas!

NEW flyer for web

Feeling crafty? New Activity available - download your Revolting Messes PDF here!  

Mud Pie

Being a Revolting Christian can be a messy business! There are times spent going through sticky patches and feeling bogged down by the stuff you are wading through. See the PDF and show us your gloop, mud pies and slime creations!

Send us photos of your best revolting messes and we'll share them via social media. Email:

Christian symbols:

We'd like you to create symbols used by Christians. The symbols can be made out of any media and need to be no more than credit card size. Please remember to reuse and recycle.

We are trying to cut down waste and the environmental impact of our projects, so we ask you to use materials you already have, wherever possible.


Get knitting

knitted rainbow

Why not try knitting your own rainbow! Find a rainbow knitting pattern here.




Fuse beads

Make a colourful design using fuse beads !

Bead cross








There are lots of things you can try embroidering. You can start off with something basic and simple or try something more complicated if you're a dab hand with a needle and yarn. 

Cross in pocket

 Why not try a cross in a pocket? 
 See instruction sheet (PDF)






How to share your craftwork 

We'd love to see your creations. 

You can share your creations on social media using the hashtag #revolutingchristians, email a photo of them to or if it is safe for you to do so, you can post them to:

Stephanie Twilley
116 Mount Road
WV4 5RZ 


Wanted Poster

We also invite you to share your stories of Revolting Christians - either as individuals or groups. These will be people who have inspired you by standing up for their faith and beliefs, perhaps by challenging authority or popular opinion.

We would like you to send us a photo or drawing of them and a little bit about them and why they inspire you. Download a Wanted poster template here (jpg)

You can either send us an A4 size copy (address can be found on our flyer), email it to or use social media to encourage others to join in, adding photos of your creations to facebook, twitter and instagram using the hashtag #revoltingchristians

More information can be found on our URC at Greenbelt flyer. 



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