Covid-19 Update

Due to the ongoing uncertainty and government advice and activity around combating the Coronavirus pandemic, the Greenbelt festival for 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled. Although we are saddened, this just means that, using the same theme of Revolting Christians, the United Reformed Church will work towards an even more creative and involved presence for 2021. More information about COVID-19 and the festival can be found on the Greenbelt website.

Help us keep the spirit of Greenbelt alive

But don’t think the fun stops there! In the meantime, we aim to keep you entertained at home and connected to Greenbelt with regular activities. Download our PDF of ideas here.

NEW flyer for web

 Feeling crafty?

We'd like you to create symbols used by Christians. The symbols can be made out of any media and need to be no more than credit card size. Please remember to reuse and recycle.

We are trying to cut down waste and the environmental impact of our projects, so we ask you to use materials you already have, wherever possible.



Get knitting

knitted rainbow

Why not try knitting your own rainbow! Find a pattern here.




Fuse beads

Make a colourful design using fuse beads !

Bead cross








There are lots of things you can try embroidering. You can start off with something basic and simple or try something more complicated if you're a dab hand with a needle and yarn. 

Cross in pocket

 Why not try a cross in a pocket? 
 See instruction sheet (PDF)






How to share your craftwork 

We'd love to see your creations. 

You can share your creations on social media using the hashtag #revolutingchristians, email a photo of them to or if it is safe for you to do so, you can post them to:

Stephanie Twilley
116 Mount Road
WV4 5RZ 


Wanted Poster

We also invite you to share your stories of Revolting Christians - either as individuals or groups. These will be people who have inspired you by standing up for their faith and beliefs, perhaps by challenging authority or popular opinion.

We would like you to send us a photo or drawing of them and a little bit about them and why they inspire you. You can download a Wanted poster template here (jpg).

You can either send us an A4 size copy (address can be found on our flyer), email it to or use social media to encourage others to join in, adding photos of your creations to facebook, twitter and instagram using the hashtag #revoltingchristians

More information can be found on our URC at Greenbelt flyer.