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Ann HoneyChurch Related Community Worker Ann Honey tells how doing ‘nothing’ can achieve surprising results

‘Sometimes, in my job, the hardest thing to do is – nothing. A recent example of this came when the congregations at Robert Stewart Memorial (RSM) decided they would like to organise a combined event for the community so that people could have fun and meet others. 

The church premises provide a home not only for the URC congregation but also for French Congolese, Ethiopian and Romanian worship groups. RSM helps to support these congregations –especially those new to the UK – and also hosts Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, a community bowls group and older people’s projects, including a monthly tea dance.

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scott webb 120552 pixelledI've listened to several people recently talking about the contrast between depictions of God in Hebrew Scripture and the New Testament. Of course, it's not clear cut – but I can see why people like the 'God of the New Testament', (as if there were two), better.

So, this poem is partly about that (false?) contrast; but also about the implications of forgiveness. How do we feel about a repentant Myra Hindley? Or a repentant Hitler? A repentant Serpent? A repentant Judas? Do we tolerate the idea of forgiveness?


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Michael Jagessar colourful portrait pic credit Chris AndrewsOctober marks the celebration of both Black History Month and One World Week, and both provide opportunities to encourage people to build a more equal, just, peaceful and inclusive world, says the Revd Dr Michael Jagessar, United Reformed Church Secretary for Global and Intercultural Ministries.


Black History Month provides us with an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the achievements and contributions of black people and black communities, and in the process to unearth the latent histories that shape our communities. The BBC documentary series Black And British: A Forgotten History, by historian David Olusoga, expertly captured how this history is often hidden and in some instances ‘whitewashed’.

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