Walking the Way Resource Map

Life as a Jesus Disciple

  • Accompany someone to join a group
  • Befriend a church user group
  • Mentor others in discipleship activities
  • Subscribe to a cause
  • Engage with secular press and media
  • Contribute to discussion forums

Personal Walk

  • Keep a Spiritual journal
  • Seek prayer inspiration
  • Enjoy Bible Study
  • Seek spiritual nurturing
  • Express my discipleship
  • Help local groups join large pilgrimages and campaigns
  • Participate in cross church teams
  • Link with other churches for learning

Walk with a few

  • Lead/join a small group
  • Lead/contribute to Worship
  • Coordinate/join a prayer group
  • Coordinate/help a church activity
  • Coordinate/help a community activity

Walk with many

  • Participate in pilgrimages
  • Partner with charities and organisations
  • Participate in justice campaigns
  • Share faith in public
  • Engage in church & community partnerships