God uses sewing to reach Marton community

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sewingrGod has given people many talents to share and as we go through this pandemic people are using these talents in many different ways. Nigel, a funeral director in Marton, Blackpool, North Western Synod, working on the front line, came up with the idea of making face masks for the community, as the need for them increased.

Nigel and his friend Val were able to call on their skills as keen members of the local theatre group, including skills in costume making, to take their plans forward, with Val cutting out the patterns from fabric, and Nigel sewing them together.

As things progressed, Nigel put a call out on Facebook for more materials, and found that others also wanted to help make the masks, resulting in a new group called the “scrubbers” which was able to expand the operation beyond cutting and sewing into pickup & delivery too, all done with appropriate social distancing.

Most of the group don’t know each other, but they know they are working for a common goal, and one day, when this pandemic is over, they will meet together to reflect on the talents which God has given them, and how they have helped the community in this time of great need.

One member of the group writes, “I wondered how I could use my sewing and pastoral skills in this time of isolation. I had heard from a doctor that they needed masks at the hospice for their community nurses to use during their home visits. I have cupboards full of material, and in a week I managed to sew more than sixty masks from bits of material in my cupboard. It is wonderful to know that God can use any gift of us to transform the world in a small and practical way. Faith in action and compassion goes a long way.”

Another writes, “I have been a quilter for the past ten years and do enjoy producing pictures with material. I wanted to help with the current situation. It is good to be able to help in a small way.”

Since starting, the demand has increased from masks alone, into scrub caps, scrub bags and scrub tunics for people working on the front line, including district nurses, care home workers and others. These are provided gladly to those in need of them, free of charge, made and sent with love.

Is this something your church could do for your community? E-mail wtw@urc.org.uk to learn more.

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