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nc rAn important part of our whole-of-life discipleship journey is understanding the role which worship can play in helping us to live out our faith in everyday life, especially in times when everyday life looks different. Adam Scott of Northern College explains how the sharing of knowledge and practice in worship has continued in the midst of lockdown:

The Northern College lay preachers’ and worship leaders’ conference this year explored leading worship and preaching in difficult times. In response to the necessary constrictions of the pandemic, we made the conference an online event, and fully utilised Zoom for this purpose. This proved to be a helpful medium for our conference, which enabled participants from across the UK, and even internationally, to attend.

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Young Adults Retreat rMegan Tillbrook, Children and Young People’s Development Practitioner in Yorkshire Synod, explains how a cancelled young adults retreat was able to go ahead, despite lockdown, thanks to technology and a bit of creativity:

It came as no surprise that we had to cancel our annual retreat for young adults this year. Although we were sad at not to be able to gather together, we quickly began to consider taking the retreat online, how this might work, the challenges would we face and, ultimately, if we would we be able to effectively create a ‘retreat’ experience online. Can you build the genuine sense of rapport needed for a group to enjoy a retreat within an online space in the same way as a physical environment? After several hours of planning and praying about it, we put together a programme.

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