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bellinghamAfter being put together in 2013 to celebrate Christ Church United Reformed Church’s 90th birthday, the Bellingham Community Gospel Choir has grown from strength to strength. Choir member, the Revd Fiona Thomas, who is also the URC’s Secretary for Education and Learning, said the initial goal of the choir, which started very small before growing, was to sing at the Bellingham Festival. She explains how much the participants liked being part of the choir.

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Jim Mackerness news bannerThe United Reformed Church (URC) has more than 600 active ministers across England, Wales and Scotland.

Many work in churches, but a variety work in other settings that include universities, prisons, the armed forces, hospitals, and other work-based chaplaincies.

The Revd John Mackerness, is a full-time chaplain at Heathrow Airport. More than 75,000 people work there and last year, more than 80 million passengers passed through it. John explains what his ministry entails.

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As part of the URC's series of stories from Church Related Community Workers, a reflection on 'Walking the Way- Holy Habits with Our Community' at North Avenue Miscaleb gregory 1337148 unsplash WEBCROPsion Project, Chelmsford has been written by Maria JY Lee. Maria started this, her first CRCW project, since graduating in July 2018 and had a couple of major setbacks, through no fault of her own, right from the outset.

After serving the community for over 90 years, North Avenue United Reformed Church closed its doors on 30 September 2018. After, what was a stressful and uncertain period came some exciting plans to set up a Mission project, based at the church premises and launched on 1 October 2018.

Maria says: "Our Mission Project statement is: ‘Working together in the love of Christ and reaching out as church in community'. The Chelmsford Project is willing to build partnerships for the wellbeing of the local people and to serve the community with a rich mix of biblical material and inspiring social resources."

To read more about Maria's journey and The North Avenue Mission Project, read here.

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learnWhen Jennifer found herself unable to travel to Training for Learning and Service (TLS) tutorial sessions, her entire group decided they would come to her! This living out of the Holy Habit of Gladness and Generosity kickstarted a journey which would lead Jennifer to places she could never have imagined.

All followers of Jesus, whoever they may be, have opportunities in everyday life to speak to others about our faith. Personally, I work as a driver for children with special needs, with an assistant to help me. We spend many hours together during the week and, as usual, the same question arises, ‘What have you got planned for the weekend?’ ‘Well, Bob,’ I say, ‘I will be at church on Sunday.’ ‘You don’t look like a holier than thou,’ he replies, ‘and I have been an atheist all my life.’ That was a starter for 10. Now, a year on, our conversation has progressed to ‘You know, Jennifer, those guys that wrote the bible were clever, I just might have to come to church one of these Sundays.’

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plumeFor the past three years Plume Avenue Church in Colchester has been on a significant journey of discovery. The Revd Geoff Felton explains what this has entailed and meant for the church’s walk with Jesus.

The elders kickstarted a process of self-evaluation for the church by exploring issues of leadership, mainly stemming from the lack of people coming forward for consideration for eldership. This automatically led us towards questions around discipleship.

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