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Walking the Way is all about following, learning from, and eventually being transformed by Christ. To help individuals, small groups and entire congregations do that, the Walking the Way team is committed to promoting a wide variety of resources – including prayers, liturgies, seasonal resources, hymns, poems, films and examples of good practice.   

Here are the official resources which Walking rhe Way has produced or promotes to help you spread the word about Walking the Way and empower people in living the life of Jesus today:

Featured resources

As synods and local churches engage in the practice of living the life of Jesus today, it is important to ensure that the needs of each individual context are truly taken into account. Here are some resources which have been produced or promoted by synods and local churches which may be of use in other places or situations:

  • Northern Synod has been very suicessful in its engagement with CPAS 'Growing Leaders', the core of Stepwise's Faith-Fuelled Leadership stream, as a means of nurturing knowledge, experience and confidence amongst people in local chruches, preparing them to take a more active role in leadership.
  • Southern Synod has prodced this series of materials for local churches looking at each of the Holy Habits. The synod's TDO, Andy Twilley was also invovled in the creation of 'God's Apprentice' materials which offer a great way for churches and individuals to look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus in everyday life and to answer the call to mission where you are.
  • The National Synod of Scotland has been using 'Exploring Our Faith – God Talk' from the Scottish College to encourage people to talk about faith in everyday life.
  • The South Lincs Pastorate used this order of service in worship to introduce Walking the Way.
  • Woking URC has used Holy Habits as an inspiration to produce its own materials. You can see some sample sessions on Prayer here. Contact us for more information.

If your synod or local church has produced or promoted something which could be shared here, please let us know.


Seasonal resources

Walking with Jesus through the whole of our lives gives us a great opportunity to reflect on different aspects of our disicpleship journey at different times of the year. Here are some resources which could be of use in exploring disicpleship across the changing seasons (remember that material from previous years can still be really useful!):

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