Further resources

Walking the Way is all about following, learning from, and eventually being transformed by Christ. To help individuals, small groups and entire congregations do that, the Walking the Way team are committed to providing a wide variety of resources – including prayers, liturgies, Lent/Easter/Advent resources, hymns, poems, films and examples of good practice.   

This page is where you will find these resources. We’re planning to update it regularly – and we’re aiming to ensure that, in time, there will be something for everyone. Walking the Way launched at the start of Advent 2017, so, while there may only be a few resources to start with, we’re confident that these pages will soon be full of resources designed to help you walk more closely with Jesus. (And if you are looking for resources that have been on these web pages, but you can’t find them on this page, have a look in the Archived Resources section).

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