Who's who – how is Pilots organised?

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In order to provide the best support possible for local companies and their Regions, a range of people and groups are involved in running the organisation, producing resources, planning events and reflecting on the vision and startegy which makes Pilots, well, Pilots.

Synod Pilots Officers (SPOs) are there to help local companies in any


way they can. Whether its organising training for leaders, suggesting resources for programme planning or coming along to a special event, your SPO wants to support you, so make sure to keep in contact with them. You can find out who your SPO is here.

The Pilots Desk based at URC House in London has a number of staff working to support the Pilots organisation. If you have any queries which you can't find an answer to, need to order more supplies for your company or want more information on Pilots resources or events, call us on 020 7916 8637, send an e-mail to pilots@urc.org.uk or write to us at The Pilots Desk, URC House, 86 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RT.

Pilots Subcommittee is part of the URC Children's and Youth Work Committee takes overall responsibility for the vision and startegy of the Pilots organisation.

The Children's and Youth Work Resources Group takes special responsibility for overseeing the production of Pilots resources and publicity.

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