Worship ideas for the bible year

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Transformed by the Bible


God of the living word,
speak to us through our Bibles.
Excite us with the liveliness of character and story,
comfort us in loss and grief,
laugh with us as we play with ideas,
and challenge us as we struggle with the hard bits!
God of the living word,
speak to us,
and bring us to life by your word.

God who journeys with us
Look over our shoulders now
As we study your word.
May the experience of reliving
The history of your people
Travel daily in our hearts.
Journeying God
May we keep in step with you
All of our lives.

God of Spirit and life
Spark in us a thirst for your truth.
As we look to your Son’s new testament of love,
May his life and work and cry for justice
Inspire us to find the wonderful in your world.
Spirit of God
May we look to you for guidance
All of our lives.

God of all that is
Create in us a desire for knowledge,
A determination to unload the baggage
That may cause our steps to falter,
And help us accept the compassion and care
That you freely give to all.
Creator God
May we reach to you for tenderness
All of our lives.
In Jesus’ name.

©Alma Fritchley

In the stories and verses cherished since childhood,
in our journeyings through questions and difficulties,
in the times of inspiration and hope:
Living God
Transform us by the power of your Word.

In the passages that challenge and puzzle us,
in the parts we would rather ignore,
in the words that speak directly to our lives,
Living God,
Transform us by the power of your Word.

When we respond with eagerness to your call,
when we stumble in our weakness and failure,
when we struggle to discern your way,
Living God,
Transform us by the power of your Word.

When we delight in new understanding,
when we stretch our imaginations,
when we venture into unknown territory
Living God,
Transform us by the power of your Word.

Some ideas for using the Bible in worship:

Say a psalm together, or responsively
Sing chants or choruses based on biblical passages
Use a dramatised version of a story or parable
Project visual images to illustrate a psalm or poetic passage
Use a biblical phrase as a spoken response in prayer
Print out phrases and pictures around a theme for people to meditate on

Ideas for hymns and songs

Rejoice and Sing
314 Break Thou the bread of life
318 Not far beyond the sea, or high
319 Thanks to God whose Word is spoken
354 Come, living God when least expected
394 Lord, to whom shall we go?
603 Lord, for the years
Common Ground
66  Jesus calls us here to meet him
Songs of Fellowship
1066 Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
1419 Light of the World
Youth – Songs of Fellowship
1775 From the highest of heights
1490 Open the eyes of my heart Lord