Powerpoint Files

The files below are available for anyone to use in Synod, Elders, Church and other meetings.

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img_9986tiff An Update Powerpoint and a sample starter put together by the SW Synod is available here
This Powerpoint has an update of the state of play for the Bible Year for V4L as at 11th October 2008, along with slides to go with a sample Starter study on Paying Taxes. The accompanying handout and leaders notes in pdf format are available under the Bible Year menu Starters section entitled 'Paying Taxes'.

Download the Vision4Life Update Powerpoint from SW Synod (1MB size)

img_0005_tiff The Introduction to Vision4Life Powerpoint is now available here.
The file is suitable to introduce synods and churches to the thinking behind and plans for Vision4Life.

Download the Introduction to Vision4Life Powerpoint file (4Mb size)

The file is a Normal Powerpoint file (ppt) and can be shown in its entirety to explain the V4L process. The author is John Campbell. It has added notes and annotations by John explaining why the slides say the things they do. This is not intended to act as a script for use during a presentation, simply to let you know why this version of the Show says the things it does and to encourage you to edit it and adapt it to suit your way of presenting it. ADAPT AND ENJOY!

v4l_website A Powerpoint show of the Vision4Life Website is available here
This powerpoint contains screen captures of many of the pages of this website, and is useful to encourage churches and individuals to engage with Vision4Life through the website. It is not a functioning website.

Download the Vision4Life Website Powerpoint (6MB size)
The file size is 6Mb. It works best in Powerpoint 2003 or later. Earlier versions will display it but the movement function on the second slide will not work correctly.