A Guide to using this site

A Guide to using this site

This guide is designed as a help to anyone wanting to find their way around this site.

Generally links which lead to another page or a document are in blue and underlined. Sometimes there will be no underlining such as in the Bible Year menu on the right of the page. This may display differently in other browsers and will work adequately in Internet Explorer and Safari, but the recommended browser is Firefox. You can get a copy free here firefox-logo-wordmark-thumb The home page is laid out into several main areas, and the top and right hand side areas remain throughout the rest of the site except when you click a pdf document.

Below the top Vision4Life banner is the Main Menu. When you hover your mouse over these headings you can click to that main page heading. One some headings, a further drop down menu will appear and you can slide your mouse pointer down that list and click any sub heading. On some, such as the Bible year menu, a further set of headings will appear to the side which you can also click on.

On the right you will find another menu for this years materials. This will be added to as new materials appear so you can do a quick scan to see if there is anything new that you have not seen yet.

Below this there are two further boxes. The contents of these may vary from time to time but may contain such things as Recent News, coming events, information about Forums and signing up, and other special announcements.

The main areas to the left contains the main information for that page and contains text, graphics, articles and links to downloadable materials. There are also videos on one or two pages. Text downloads are usually available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format and all modern computers will have an Acrobat Reader built into the software but if yours is missing, you can click the logo here get_adobe_reader to go to the Adobe site to download and install one.

We hope you enjoy using this site and if you have any questions or comments, please email the website manager Paul Snell at web@urc.org.uk