Seasons - Harvest and Remembrance

In preparation for the autumn, here are a number of resources for Harvest and Remembrance.


Agape Meal prayer

This provides a prayer that invites God to our communal/celebratory meals. It was written for use at a TLS weekend away. Instead of taking communion together at the end of the weekend, we combined our final meal and act of worship together.

Download HarvestRememb-agape meal prayer.pdf

Fresh Prayerful Harvest

The aim of this piece is to restore integrity to prayer in the context of harvest thanksgiving and to save it from being either a guilt flavoured extension to Christian Aid week or a warm-up for One World week later in the Autumn.

Download HarvestRememb-fresh prayerful harvest.pdf

Green Pastures meditation

This provides a meditation that can be used by individuals or groups at any time

Download HarvestRememb-green pastures.pdf

Harvest Resources from the Arthur Rank Centre

The Arthur Rank Centre at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire supports Rural Mission. Here are some of their resources for Harvest that you might find useful. They can also be downloaded from

Download HarvestRememb-harvest resources from ARC.pdf

Receiving and Sharing God

To provide a simple liturgy for corporate use as an Approach to God during worship.

Download HarvestRememb-Receiving and Sharing God.pdf


National Memorial Arboretum

This provides some material about the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, that might be useful for Remembrance.

Download HarvestRememb-national memorial arboretum.pdf

Worship for All Saints

This material provides some ideas for prayer in worship for All Saints (1st November)

Download HarvestRememb-all saints.pdf

For All the Saints

Some stories, meditations, poems and prayer that could be used during All Saints-tide.

Download HarvestRememb-for all the saints.pdf

Dark and Light

To provide some resources for meditation and prayer on the theme darkness and light

Download HarvestRememb-dark and light.pdf