Prayer and the Bible

Jesus and the church at prayer - a bible study

This bible study for prayer year, written by John Campbell, examines Jesus and the church at prayer and invites a conversation about prayer. It draws on everyone’s own experience of prayer (whatever it may be) to help with a shared investigation of stories about praying in Luke’s Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.

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Praying with the Bible

There is no right or wrong way to pray with the Bible. Here are two of the many approaches that have been practiced and adapted for centuries.

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Bible storytelling

This explores how bible storytelling can be a starting point for meditation and prayer.

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Praying with the Lord

This conversation invites a fresh exploration of the Lord’s Prayer. The writer provides three points of reflection and discussion about the Lord’s Prayer that could be used for a discussion group, a reflective service of worship or by individuals who may want to note their thoughts and reactions in their prayer journal.

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Praying honestly with psalms

This study explores being honest with God in prayer using the Psalms as a guide. It can be used individually, in a group or as a basis for worship.

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