Prayer Toolkit

bhr-toolkit-v2This includes resources and ideas to encourage you in your prayer life and offers suggestions to help you in personal, group or church prayer. The toolkit will be added to as the year goes on.

Various ideas are directly on this page, but pages for specific prayer themes are on a sub-menu above, or you can go direct to them from here.

Prayer and the Bible - Various bible studies on prayer

Prayer Stations - this also includes prayer stations for climate change

Prayer Crafts - some ideas for practical exercises, not all of them indoors

Breadmaking Prayer

Explores how making bread can become a prayerful activity. This is based on Barbara Gleeson's work originally featured in Fresh Expressions

Download breadmaking-prayer-2.pdf

Telephones, texts and email

Explores ways in which telephones, texts and emails –and other similar technologies – can be used prayerfully.

Download telephones-texts-and-emails.pdf

Listening in prayer

This study helps us explore ways in which silence and listening play an important and refreshing part in prayer.

Download listening-in-prayer.pdf

Praying Hands

This uses the images of hands to help us in our praying.

Download praying-hands.pdf

Examen prayer

Ignatius of Loyola was the founder of the Jesuits, an order in the Catholic church. Born in Spain in 1491, he was a soldier before becoming a priest and spiritual writer. His Spiritual Exercises are used by many people in different situations both in religious orders and lay people. One of these is prayer for the examination of consciousness a form of which is described here.

Download examen-prayer.pdf

Mourning Prayer

This material aims to encourage us to think abut praying with people who are bereaved. It is based on personal experience and prayer in the aftermath of death and encourages participants to reflect on their experiences and consider ways of sharing in a supportive ministry of prayer to people who have lost loved ones and are grieving or mourning in some way.

Download mourning prayer.pdf