Theological resources

These are background papers and not intended to be used as group work as they are but for filling in some of the concepts and ideas people might want to think about or explore further during evangelism year. Some of the documents come in their original form and many will be written especially for Vision4Life.


A Theological Introduction to the Evangelism Year

This is a presentation written by Francis Brienen  for Eastern Synod ministers and offered for use by others. There is a text document and a Powerpoint. The text is written only in note form and is useful as a starting point for your own presentation.

Download theological intro to V4L Evangelism Year.pdf

Download theological intro to V4L Evangelism Year.doc

Download theological intro to V4L Evangelism Year.ppt



This article takes an in depth look at the nature of conversion and seeks to undermine the misconceptions often associated with the subject. Download Think-Conversion.pdf


Community Work and Evangelism

This series of articles by Steve Summers provides various resources from publications, tools for community work, a study for a small group and information about Assets for Life. It is worth taking a look at the rich and useful resources here.There is an introductory article by Janet Lees under the INSPIRE section

V4LE CRCW 1 - Assets for Life intro

V4LE CRCW 2 - ASSETS for LIFE outline

V4LE CRCW 3 - agencies

V4LE CRCW 4 - funding for mission

V4LE CRCW 5 - Publications

V4LE CRCW 6 - theology tools

V4LE CRCW 7 - Mission & Community Development Tools


Book Review

The Ethics of Evangelism: a philosophical defence of ethical proselytizing and persuasion - by Elmer Thiessen.

A brief review by John Hall Download Think-EthicalEvangelism.pdf