SEASONS - Pentecost and Summer

Eagle Day

This item gives an idea for a day using birds of pray to stimulate thinking about Isaiah 40:31 Download eagle day.pdf


Dinosaur Sunday

This provides some ideas for Dinosaur Sunday, also called Evolution Sunday. This can happen at any time of the year, but is usually associated with the Sunday nearest Charles Darwin’s birthday: 12thFebruary. You might want to do this event this summer or you might want to ‘think ahead’ and plan for next February (2012) in which case best start now!

Download Dinosaur Sunday.pdf


Holiday Evangelism

This document contains ideas, information and stories about how churches in holiday areas might reach out to visitors. Download Holiday Evangelism.pdf


Meditation for Summer

Here is a meditation on Matthew 14:22-33 that you might like to use at a summer event. Download meditation for summer.pdf


Pentecost Prayer Stations

Here is another of Dave Croaker's Prayer Stations, this time designed for Pentecost. There is a set up file and also a booklet for participants.

Download Prayer Stations Pentecost - setup.pdf

Download Prayer Stations Pentecost.pdf